Please note: The Career Center is closed Thursday & Friday, November 26 & 27 for Thanksgiving. We will be open Monday, November 30th at 8am.


The Career Center offers a series of drop-in workshops each month for students and alumni. Each workshop is carefully designed by a member of our career counseling staff to address common career-related concerns and questions. Typically 30-50 minutes long, workshops are generally held during the afternoon at the Career Center throughout Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters. See the calendar for dates and times.

With the exception of our Dependable Strengths seminar, the workshops are free and no registration is required.  All you need to do is show up!

Workshops can also be presented to select groups. Advisers, faculty and student organizations interested in a workshop presentation are encouraged to contact us or fill out our online Workshop Request form.

Presentations (slides) of workshops are included with workshop descriptions below. Note: these presentations are not as complete as the workshops presented in our center. However, you may find them helpful if you cannot attend a group session.

Streaming Online Workshops (with Audio) 

Career Center Workshops 

           Winter 2015 Career Center Workshops

Additional Workshops

Resumes & Cover Letters

Resume and cover letter need some updating? Let us help! At this workshop you will increase your understanding of how your resume and cover letter are used in the job search process and make sure they target your career goals. Learn how to compose a resume that reflects your greatest strengths and talents and explore different resume formats. By the end of this workshop your resume will say, "Interview me!" View Workshop - Resumes and Cover Letters

Finding Jobs & Internships

Students with questions about how to find internships and jobs: look no further! This workshop will answer all your questions about how to start the process of looking and finding part-time or full-time jobs and internships. Leave with specific steps on how to decide what to look for, where and when to search, and who to talk with. Get started on your search with confidence!  Finding Jobs & Internships

Internships: What, Why & Where

Balance your studies with some related experience! Are your advisors telling you to look into internships, but you’re not really sure what all the fuss is about? Learn what exactly makes internships so important and where to look for them. Take the next step and ensure you make the most of internship and student employment opportunities by attending one of these workshops. View Workshop - Internships What, Why, Where

Networking for Shy People (& Everyone!)

We know it takes a certain, special type of person to genuinely enjoy career networking. For the rest of us who may need a little help, there’s the “Networking for Shy People (& Everyone!)” workshop.  Whether you are already job searching, just beginning to explore career options or researching graduate school opportunities, this workshop teaches some easy, non-threatening ways to connect with others to meet your goals. Things you'll leave the workshop knowing include: “the approach,” ways to get “them” talking (so you can relax – and listen!), dealing with silence, getting the info, and how and when to move-on and follow-up. You will discover the excellent conversationalist you already are, even if it may be hiding somewhere deep inside of you. View Workshop - Networking for Shy People

Successful Interviews

Interviews can be scary. Especially when they include questions like the dreaded “Tell me about yourself”. Learn how to prepare for and conduct interviews that get the job offer! This workshop addresses general preparation, researching companies, what to expect, and answering behavior-based and other tough, important interview questions. Leave our office feeling prepared to take on the interview world!  View Workshop - Successful Interviews

Career Fair Success

Posters for career fairs are up in every office you frequent. All your advisors keep telling you that you have to go. But what are you supposed to do at a career fair? Use this workshop to find out what to expect at career fairs. Learn how to plan a strategy for the most effective and efficient use of your time at a fair, how to craft an introduction that makes a good impression, what to wear, and how to follow-up after the fair. View Workshop - Career Fair Success

Social Media: Maximize Internships & Job Options

Accelerate your job or internship search or expand your option exploration through social media and by using-the-web-wisely. Learn what employer’s opinions are and how they use social media to find talent. Learn how to develop a positive and professional digital-footprint (online identity/reputation) and how to best use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to begin or advance your career. 

Applying to Graduate School

Not sure if graduate or professional school is a good career choice for you? This workshop will give you tips for deciding if graduate education is in your future as well as tips for the application process. You’ll learn how to identify and research the schools that are the best fit for you, and explore alternative educational options.  In addition, you’ll become familiar with the application process, learn more about personal statements, and find out about scholarship and funding sources. We’ll also discuss resources for preparing and taking admissions tests and ways to practice doing well in the admissions interview. View Workshop - Applying to Graduate School

Job Search for International Students 

We know that looking for work presents special challenges for international students. This workshop covers differences between U. S. employers’ expectations versus differing values in other cultures.  It also addresses how to overcome some of the obstacles that international students face when conducting a job search in the United States. Discuss answers to the difficult questions: “When do I reveal that I am an international student?” and “Which job search strategies are most effective for international students?” View Workshop -Job Search for International Students

Federal Jobs: Find & Apply

Are you interested in a great job – with a good salary, excellent benefits, and possible student loan repayment?  Want a job where you can make a real difference – in the areas of health, environment, policy, international relations, and more?  Sound too good to be true? Not if you consider working for the federal government!  In this workshop, you’ll learn how to find agencies that might interest you, locate federal job openings, and tailor your application materials to show how your qualifications match what federal hiring authorities are seeking.  Workshop - Find and Apply 

LinkedIn 101

This workshop will help you build an awesome LinkedIn profile and help you learn how to effectively use LinkedIn to network and gather career information.  Workshop - Handout 

Identifying Your Strengths

You keep hearing, “EMPLOYERS NEED TO KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS”, and you’re thinking, yikes, I don’t even know my strengths.  Well you are not alone, our employers say that many people (as high as 80%) do not know their strengths and therefore, cannot articulate their fit for a position. This workshop will help you begin to identify your unique strengths/skills/talents and get an edge in securing the job you want. Please join us for this interactive Introduction to the Dependable Strengths Process.

Targeted Workshops for Seniors and Alumni

Career (Re)Launch

Stuck in a rut? Want a fresh start but don’t know where to begin? Then look no further. This workshop features three of our key job search workshops including: LinkedIn or Left Out?, Job Search Strageties, and Successful Interviewing as well as other helpful tips and tricks.  Registration required.

Dependable Strengths Seminar for Alumni

You know you could be an asset to any company, but your job search has hit a wall. How do you show a potential employer how great you are in a way they’ll understand? Attend this workshop and identify the unique strengths and talents you offer employers and learn how to leverage them to find a satisfying career. Through guided group discussions, participants identify good experiences; develop a Dependable Strengths Report; learn to articulate their worth to an employer; learn to make contacts whenever they may want them; and succeed in interviews.  Registration & fee required.