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Welcome Undergrads

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Trying to pick a major? Looking for an internship or need help with your resume? Maybe you're about to graduate and looking for that first job! Whether you know where you're going or you're not sure where to start, the Career Center can help!

  • Calendar
    The events and workshops offered by The Career Center and our campus partners for students, grad students, recent graduates and alumni. 
  • Choose a Major
    College is all about choices. Choosing your academic path and finding a departmental home in one of the UW’s many schools and colleges is often a process that, with knowledge, evolves over time.
  • Explore Careers
    You are not alone if you're a bit overwhelmed by the plethora of career paths and possibilities to consider. Fortunately, there are great resources to help you navigate the world of work and identify opportunities that are right for you.
  • Get Experience
    Whether you've done an internship, worked in a family business or assisted a professor, individual experience can set you apart when seeking a job or applying to grad school. Experience, gained either in or outside the classroom, also helps you expand your skills and make connections.
  • Make Connections
    Often times it does come down to those we know that help us move in new and exciting directions. Peers, colleagues and professionals can be great resources in helping you to identify strengths, interests, values and goals, not to mention helping to connect you with great opportunities!
  • Internships
    Simply put, an internship is a structured opportunity for you to learn, grow, and contribute in a professional setting. There are many variations of internships: They might be paid or unpaid, part-time or full-time, taken for credit or no credit.
  • Find Jobs
    Looking for a job? As a UW student or alum, you have lots of options at your fingertips. Discover the many resources and services available to help you find the position that's right for you.
  • Resumes and Interviews
    A well-put-together resume is a must! And once you’re ‘in the door’ you surely don’t want to bomb in an interview. While there’s no surefire way to ensure your resume will be noticed or that you’ll ace every interview, there are many tools and strategies that can help you rise to the top.
  • On-Campus Interviews
    Interview with leading employers on campus! Each year employers conduct thousands of interviews on the University of Washington campus to select candidates for entry-level career positions, internships or summer jobs.
  • Career Counseling 
  • Make an appointment with one of our counselors to discuss your career goals, job-search strategy and more. Or, stop by daily for (15-minute) Same-Day Sessions.  
  • Career Fairs & Events
    Looking for an internship or a job or just want to find out more about a specific company? Many events are held each year to help you connect with employers from private and public companies, nonprofits, government agencies and more.
  • Apply to Grad School
    Attending graduate school can be an excellent catalyst for personal and professional growth, allowing you to delve deep into academic disciplines, meet other emerging professionals and work with faculty who are often leaders in their field.

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