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Salary and Job Market Info

Want to learn more about the current job market? Looking for salary information and details about what certain occupations pay? You're in luck! Following is a menu of resources for exploring local, regional and national job market and compensation information.

UW Alumni Employer, Salary and Graduate Admission Information

For salary information gathered from recent graduates of the University of Washington’s Seattle campus, click here.

National Salary Data for New College Graduates

For nationwide data on salaries of new college graduates, click here.

Job & Internship Offers

Receiving an offer for a job or internship is a great position to be in.  Rarely though is the decision to accept an offer or not, a simple one.  Accepting or declining an offer, and comparing offers you may have from different employers, can be complicated.  So, if you need advice or just want to discuss your situation, be sure to talk with a mentor, career counselor and/or family member. 

If you determine your internship or job offer is a good fit for you and accept this offer, celebrate your new success!  Remember also to stop additional interviewing activity once you have accepted a job or internship offer.  It’s best not to renege on a job or internship offer once you have accepted it.  “Reneging” is defined as “going back on one's word.”   To put this into a job seeking context, it’s when a job or internship seeker accepts (either verbally or in written form) an offer with an employer and then backs out of that decision.  Reneging on internship or job offers from employers is damaging to your reputation and negatively affects the employer who offered you the position.  In addition, backing out of your offer may negatively affect the relationship between the employer and the UW and Career Center such that the employer decides they no longer want to recruit UW students.  There are preventative measures to take - thinking carefully about priorities and options and communicating openly with employers you are interviewing with - before you accept an offer so that you avoid getting into a situation where reneging seems like the only or best option for you. 


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