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Are you an employer looking to hire the best and brightest talent from a top University for your organization?

Or are you a college relations manager who wants to increase your brand presence at the UW?

Whatever your situation, the Career Center of the University of Washington can help connect you with the talented UW students and alumni through a wide range of effective services and resources.  Make your job easier by making the UW your number one choice.

Did you recently hire a UW student or alumni? We'd love to hear about it!

Wondering what's involved in hiring international students? Check out our resource page here.

New to UW recruiting? Join us at our Recruiting 101 Workshop on August 12th!  Details here

  • Why the UW?  The UW features some of the best and brightest students and graduates throughout the Northwest. Our programs are regularly rated #1 among comparable US colleges and universities and the UW was rated #16 among world universities. Click here to download the latest UW Fact Sheet for more information.
  • Review our User Policies. We're happy to support you in sourcing great talent from UW.  Please review our Employer User Policies prior to engaging in recruiting activities.
  • Post a Job or Internship.
    Through our online job search system, HuskyJobs, we can connect you with targeted and talented UW students and thousands of alumni. Whether you're seeking a short-term, part-time, full-time, intern or volunteer, HuskyJobs is your best way to Hire a Husky.
  • Hold your interviews On-Campus.
    Interviewing on-campus is an easy and convenient way to meet with students and alumni here at The Career Center.
  • Connect at a Career Fair or Event
    Gain visibility and get to know our Huskies up-close and personal by attending one of our many small and large fairs or events.
  • Schedule an InfoSession.
    Present your organization and its attributes to students directly through a targeted event.
  • Increase Your Visibility. Building your brand on campus has never been easier. Find the opportunity that appeals to you from a long list of options.
  • Become Signature. Our Husky Signature Employers enjoy many additional perks and benefits for their support of the Career Center and the UW.  Make sure your organization is Signature.
  • Create an Internship
    As the Career Center of the UW, we know how important internships are - not only to students, but to our business partners too.
  • View Resumes. Our virtual "Resume Books" will help you find the candidate to fit your needs and are a great source for filling an immediate job or internship.
  • Recruit Grad Students. Need hard-working self-starters who can think creatively and analytically to produce new ideas? Then consider recruiting UW grad students.
  • View Hiring and Salary Statistics. See results from our annual Graduation Survey and our quarterly On-Campus Interview Survey.
  • Connect with other UW Career Services Offices. Several Colleges and Programs at the University of Washington have their own career services offices for their students - we work together to ensure your recruiting success!

Convinced? Want more information about how you can get access to our great students and alumni? Give us a call or complete this form and we'll help you find the recruiting path that works for you.