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Dependable Strengths for Grad Students

Are you a current graduate student, post-doctoral fellow, or graduate-level alum? Do you want to learn more about the unique strengths you can offer an employer? If you want to assess your strengths and talents and learn how to leverage them, then this seminar is for you.

The Dependable Strengths seminar provides a safe place for graduate level students, alumni, and post-doctoral fellows to consider career possibilities inside and outside academia. Participants explore good experiences to discover their unique patterns of strengths, identify which strengths they want to use in a career, develop language to articulate their strengths, and learn how to use their strengths for career exploration.

  • $75 Current UW Students, Postdocs & UW Alum

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Registration for the June 10, 2016 Dependable Strengths Seminar is now closed. Stay tuned for future seminar dates.