Dependable Strengths for Alumni & Community

Are you seeking a job or career change? Are you underemployed, or simply interested in exploring how to enhance your current job? The Career Center's Dependable Strengths Workshop is an excellent resource for alumni and community members in any stage of career transition. In this process, you will identify your unique strengths/skills/talents that you can offer and learn how to leverage those strengths to explore a satisfying career.

The 2-day Dependable Strengths Process is a nontraditional job search approach whereby participants identify what they enjoy, things they do well and events or experiences in which they take pride; and with the assistance from the group and a variety of exercises, identify their core strengths. 

Through guided group discussions and exercises, participants will:

  • Identify good experiences and core, dependable strengths
  • Develop a Dependable Strengths Report
  • Learn to conduct strengths based networking and career/job search
  • Practice articulating their value to employers and potential career/job contacts

Sessions are offered at least once per quarter and take place on a Friday and the following Monday with some homework over the weekend. Sessions begin at 8:15am and end at 5pm.

The demographic composition of the participants reflects the diversity of University of Washington alumni in professional background, age, gender, and overall life experience.

As a result of the work completed in the 2 days, most participants report an increase in confidence about themselves and what they have to offer.

What do past participants say about the Dependable Strengths Workshop?

  • “I learned a new approach to career search and planning.”
  • “The program provides you with the tools to market yourself effectively.”
  •  “I explored my strengths and talents from a different point of view – stepped out of myself and  evaluated my strengths in a very honest way to help me find my life work…”
  • “It completely shifted my focus from ‘how can I fit into that job’ to ‘how can I highlight my strengths  and abilities which will lead to getting the right job for me’.”
  •  “I was amazed at the feedback from my group members.  They really keyed in on who I am.”
  •  “I now have a concrete outline with goals on how to better conduct my job search.”

Seminar Prices:

  • $160 UWAA Members
  • $200 UW Alumni / Non-UWAA Members
  • $250 Community Members (Non-UW Student or Alumni)
  • $100 Current UW Matriculated Undergrad or Grad Students

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Please note:  Payment must be made by 10 days prior to the workshop. Any registrations with no payment will be canceled at that point. Registrations submitted within 10 days of the workshop must be accompanied with the appropriate registration fee. Thank you for your cooperation with our registration and payment process!